Summer Term is here. Only 1 term in Reception to go, we can’t believe it! Please click on the link below to see our Summer term information letter.

Summer 19 letter Reception

Our school has two main topics this term. These are ‘Wonderful Me’ and ‘Splash: Water!’. In reception, we will start the term learning about looking after ourselves, exercising and eating healthy. Then after half term we will dive into our water studies, with lots of talk about sea creatures, pirates and mermaids! Watch this space for details.

Topic Web Summer 1 Healthy Me

Alongside teaching the importance of looking after our bodies, we will also be learning about our mental health, making ’10 a Day’ choices towards balancing our mental health.

Linking nicely, to our healthy eating and plants topics, our focus stories this half term will be…

We will be teaching Literacy through the Talk for Writing approach which involves immersing children in the story and learning it off by heart, recounting and writing a sentence or more from the story and then innovating upon an aspect of the story to create our own.

This term we will be consolidating phases 2 and 3 and moving on to phase 4. These are called consonant blends, words with 2 consonants next to each other at the beginning or end eg nest, stop, hand and flop.

You’re child will continue to bring home a phonics reading book along side their levelled books which they will be sharing with their teachers on a regular basis. Please share this book throughout the week and ensure that it stays in your child’s book bag for teachers to replace regularly.



This is a brilliant game to reinforce phonics skills. There is a cost to the App, but if your child enjoys ‘quest’ games, this is for them!


You will also receive your Woolacombe words. These are words that your child needs to learn by sight as they are very common but it’s not possible to decode them using their phonics skills. Practice each set of sight words with your child daily and let us know when you feel you are ready for the next set. The lovely Carol Jenkins will practice these with your child every Monday and let you know how they are getting on.

Here’s a fun free App to compliment your high frequency word practice.


We are now developing our writing style by focusing on correct pencil grip, letter formation and joins. Daily handwriting will start with a bit of Dough Gym to warm our muscles up. Letters are taught in groups organised by orientation. This App is particularly good for practicing these skills. We will also be using the rhymes/songs in class to aid memory.

Sing along Cursive Handwriting

We are continuing to explore numbers up to 20 in a variety of contexts and problems. We will be counting on and back from a given number and basic addition and subtraction. We will continue to learn our number bonds to all numbers up to ten e.g. 5= 0+5, 1+4, 2+3 etc. As well as solving problems involving doubling and sharing.

We will also be exploring number through a range of shape,  pattern and measures contexts.



This term we will focus on Plants. Learning about what they need to grow, the parts of a plant and all about edible plants as part of our healthy living topic.

  • June 14th: PTFA Summer Fair, on the meadow from 3.15.


Thank you for your support – we are looking forward to another exciting term together!


The Reception Team