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Be safe on the Internet !

Be safe on the Internet !

Our Photos !

Our Photos !

PTFA Gift Evening

Many Thanks to Rachel Zeale, Jo Kift, Paula Coll, Hayley Major and the PTFA team who helped make this year’s gift evening such a success. Over £1700 was raised on the night. Thank you to everyone who supported this event and to Twitchen for allowing us to run the event in such a great location.

Ilfracombe Club Cups School Relay Gala

Well done to our swimming teams, who came 1st and 2nd in the club cups relay gala. Super Swimming!

What to do in the event of a severe weather warning!

Please look on the school website and check your emails too. A message will be sent via email, posted on the school website and also announced on the local radio if the school is closed due to severe weather conditions.

European Languages Day !

World Book Day 2017 – Celebrated with an Author Visit – Victoria Eveleigh and Giles King-Smith


Please take a look at Twitter for pictures of World Book Day 2017!

Please click on the link for more information about reading for pleasure

KS1 & KS2 Maths Workshop for Parents


Many thanks to the parents who attended our Maths workshop. As a follow up we will arrange an open morning for parents to come into school and observe how Maths is being taught in the classroom in the Spring Term. We have ordered the parent Numicon packs for parents to purchase to support their children at home. Please come to the office if you would like to purchase a bag.

Please click on the link to find a copy of the school Calculation Policy and useful mathematical vocabulary for each year group.

Woolacombe School calculation policy


IMG_1401 IMG_1400

Reception and KS1 Phonics Workshop Information

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the Reception/KS1 Phonics workshop. Please click on the link below for a copy of the information shared at the meeting.

Phonics_for_parents handout


KS2 Grammar and Spelling Workshop Information

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the Grammar workshop. Please click on the link below to find the information which was shared at the meeting.

Grammar and Spelling Parent Workshop Presentation


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KS2 Equipment Reminder

Dear Parents

May we remind you of the equipment that your child needs whilst in Key Stage 2 at Woolacombe School, please.

Every child will need to have a book bag and must have a P. E. kit, including a mouth guard and shin pads, in a drawstring bag.   Please note plastic carrier bags and rucksacks are not appropriate for school.  We lack storage and hanging space and therefore need your support.

All property should be named, please (in as many places as possible)

All children in Classes 4, 5 & 6 need to have their own stationery as follows:

  • a fountainpen or different type of pen e.g. roller ball etc.pencil case(s),
  • coloured crayons and felt tip pen
  • eraser, pencil, small ruler, protractor
  • their own ‘Pritt’ stick would be helpful too.

We of course do supply all the above at school, but it is better for your child to look after their own equipment in preparation for Secondary School. It also encourages them to become responsible and independent learners.


Finally, please ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform and sensible footwear.


We do appreciate and THANK YOU for your support


Gail Holmes

Uniform Reminder

Dear Parents,

Start of term uniform reminder  – 


 Red Woolacombe jumper or cardigan with school badge.

White shirt or polo shirt with a collar.

Dark grey / black school trousers or skirt.

For school, all girls or boys with long hair need to tie it back. Please use a plain dark hair band or hair tie (a red one would be lovely!).

No hair product to be worn in the hair please.

Plain black, flat soled or small heel, school shoes (trainers are acceptable as long as they have no markings and are plain black). No boots please.

Please do not wear jewellery. Children can wear studs in ears and a watch (an analogue model with hands is best to learn to tell the time).

In the Summer, children can wear dark grey or black tailored shorts (boys and girls) or red gingham summer dresses.

PE Kit

(This needs to be a change of clothes)

A white T-shirt for warm weather and indoors. A red sweatshirt for outdoors, which can be bought through the school office and a wind proof lightweight coat (this is not essential but can be worn if the weather is poor).

Black shorts. Training shoes to suit the activity undertaken (if the children are wearing shoes with laces, they must be able to tie them).