I hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday. We are all really looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on  Monday to start an exciting, engaging and successful year ahead! 

Staffing Update 

We welcome Miss Jasmine Goodman, our new Reception class teacher, joining our teaching team this term. We welcome back,  Miss Rebekah Hester. Miss Hester has been on an amazing year’s sabbatical travelling the world! We also welcome Ms Natalie  Broome and Mr James Kemp. Ms Broome and Mr Kemp are trainee teachers joining us for the Autumn and Summer term. Ms  Broome will be based in Year 2 and Mr Kemp will be based in Year 4. One final welcome is to our new school caretaker – Mr Mike  Simpson. Mike is local and lives in the village. I am sure you will all make Mike feel very welcome. 

Age Group Teacher LSA 

Nursery Mrs Verity Lewin (EY Teacher and Leader) 

Danielle Adams, Sharon Napthine, Karen Dempsey O-Toole, Julie O’Reilly, Lizzy Pleydell-Pearce and  

Melanie Broxholme 

R Miss Jasmine Goodman/Ms Clare Russell Ms Sally Lee 

Y1 Mrs Tessa James Ms Paula Parsons 

Y2 Miss Hannah Strong Mrs Hannah Hunt/Mrs Katie Towey Y3 Mrs Natalie Gibson/Ms Kate Madden 

Y4 Mr Ben Hookes (School Improvement Lead)/Ms Clare Russell  

Y5 Miss Rebekah Hester 

Y6 Mrs Sam Simpson 

School Improvement Leader – Mr Ben Hookes will be continuing his work as a school improvement leader to support the  leadership across the school. 

Specialist Subject Teacher – Mrs Naomi Overney, as a specialist Maths Teacher, will be teaching across KS2. Team teaching  with class teachers and taking groups of children for specific interventions. Mrs Overney will be supporting teaching and learning  across the school as well as teaching Spanish in KS2. 

Subject Specialist Teachers – Ms Clare Russell – Art/Music, Mr Tom Poole – PE Coach, Mrs Natalie Gibson – PE lead and Mrs  Naomi Overney – KS2 Spanish, will work across the school on specific days/afternoons teaching their specialist subject to specific  year groups. 

SENDCO – Miss Annie Challacombe will be the SENDCO across both Combe Martin and Woolacombe School. KS2 SEND LSA – Mrs Katie Towey will be working as a specialist SEND LSA. She will work flexibly across the school to meet the  needs of children with SEND.  

Admin – Mrs Vicki Reed 

Morning and After School Leader- Sally Anne Shannon 

Kitchen Team – Karen Turner – Kitchen Manager. Lauren Witt and Victoria Wright- Kitchen assistants. SEND 1:1 – Mrs Becki Jenkins 

Student Trainee Teachers – Ms Natalie Broome and Mr James Kemp 

Expedite School Caretaker – Mr Mike Simpson 

Expedite School Cleaners – Allyson Draper, Gemma Daglish and Leanne Paterson 

Headteacher – Mrs Gail Holmes. As you are aware, I have returned as the substantive Headteacher for Woolacombe School. I am  really excited to be back full time and to work more closely with parents and the community. I will have a regular teaching  commitment to support the teaching and learning across the school, so I am also looking forward to working with all of the staff  and children more closely this academic year. 

Curriculum C360 

This year we will continue to work together to implement our shared vision to enable our children to be inspiring change makers  through our C360 curriculum.  

Character Education 

At the foundation of our provision for our children is our ‘Character Education’. Our character education enables our children to  explore the moral, civic, intellectual and performance virtues (qualities) we want them to develop and experience through a caught,  taught and sought approach. By embedding the character virtues into all aspects of school life our children can truly live out the  school values of believe, belong and become. If our children believe in themselves and have a sense of belonging, they will  become our vision of inspiring change makers of the future. 

We will share the weekly core Character virtues we are focusing on each week so that you can talk with your children about them.  We start the term off by exploring the performance virtue of ‘Motivation’. 

I will also be sending out a google form to ask for your input into what you believe are the 6 core virtues we want to focus on as  a school. 


Parent Welcome Meetings 

Teachers in Years 1-6 will be holding parent welcome meetings next week. These meetings will be an opportunity for you to meet  your child’s new class teacher and also for the class teachers to run through the class timetable, curriculum and expectations etc.  Please note are not holding a Reception parent meeting straight away because we met parents in July and we like to settle our  new starters into school first so we will meet with Reception parents in a few weeks. 

Please see the timetable below for the day and time of the meetings next week. The meetings will be held in your child’s classroom  so you get to see the classrooms too.

Wednesday 7th 

Thursday 8th 

Friday 9th 




2.30pm – 


Year1  Year 2  Year 6


Year 3  Year 4  Year 5


Parent Open Mornings and Parent Workshops 

We will be holding regular open mornings/parent workshops this year. I would like  

to welcome parents into school to communicate and share with you the school  

vision, values and priorities for the year ahead and also an opportunity to hear your  

views and discuss ways forward together. 

It is really important to me that we work together as a community to get the best  

for our children. This opportunity has been missing the last few years and I would  

like to ensure we start working more closely again as I know we can achieve so  

much more by working together collaboratively. 

Parent Open Morning/Workshop Dates September 2022 

– Parent open/coffee morning – Friday 16th September 9.00am – Teaching School Room 

– Social Emotional and Mental Health Workshop for parents – Tuesday 20th September – 2pm-3pm – Teaching School Room – Reception and Year 1 phonics and Early Reading Workshop – Monday 26th September – 6pm – Reception Class – Parent open/coffee morning – Friday 7th October 9.00am – Teaching School Room 

PTFA – we need your help now more than ever! 

We need to re-establish our PTFA and annual fundraising events to support raising much  

needed funds for the school. Over the years the PTFA have worked tirelessly to raise a huge  

amount of money to develop and enhance the provision at school and improve the school  

environment. For example just before the first lockdown the PTFA raised over £30,000 to  

complete the first phase of the adventure trail. 

The last two years of lockdowns have meant we have had limited opportunity to plan and run  

PTFA events and we have also lost lots of parents from previous year 6 children who have now  

left the school.  

We therefore need to recruit and re-establish a new PTFA committee who are ready and willing  

to work together to help fundraise for much needed funds.  

I would like to hold our first PTFA meeting on Wednesday 21st September 2022 at 6.30pm in School. 

School Garden 

Thank you so much to our fabulous garden club parents who sourced this lovely shed, raised the  

money to pay for it by selling ice creams , collected it from Ilfracombe AND today, they erected it  

and painted it! 

Brilliant team work, thank you Marie, Jo , Steve, Mark and Simon

Uniform – School Second Hand Uniform Sale – donations welcome 

We have gathered together lots of unclaimed, unmarked or donated school uniform  

and will be offering it to anyone who needs it after school on Monday. 

Small donations welcome ! 


We finished the year on a high with our Year 6 children achieving some great results in their KS2 SATS. I would like to  congratulate all the staff, students and parents as despite two years of significantly disrupted learning they still achieved significantly above the national average combined across all subjects in reading, writing and maths. We are so very proud of  them and wish them all the very best for their next steps as they move onto Secondary School.  

Next week the class teachers will share the curriculum topic focus for this coming term through the arranged parent meetings, class letters and information shared on Dojo. Please look out for the C360 topic webs, like the one below, to find out more about  your child’s learning through our C360. 

Morning and After School Club  

We have had to increase our rates for morning and after school club this year due to the increase in costs. We have not increased  the rates of morning and after school club for a number of years and unfortunately due to increased running costs, like with  everything, it has meant we have been running at a loss and we simply cannot afford to keep running this service without an  increase in rates to ensure it is sustainable longer term. 

Please click on this government link to find out more information about support for childcare and possible funding available to  support childcare costs. https://www.gov.uk/get-childcare 

Free School Meals 

With the cost of living rising, now may be a good time to check if your child may be entitled to a free school meal. This is different  to Universal Reception and KS1 free School meals which all Reception and KS1 are automatically entitled to. Please go to  https://www.devon.gov.uk/educationandfamilies/school-information/school-meals/ and follow the links where you can get an  instant decision.

A few important reminders….. 


As you are aware, we as a school have the  

responsibility to regularly monitor the  

attendance of its pupils and report back to you if  

your child falls below the national average. To  

help you keep track of your child’s attendance 

we will be sending you monthly attendance  

letters. By law it is the parent’s responsibility to  

ensure that their child attends school regularly  

and it is also important you understand the  

negative impact of low attendance on your  

child’s education. You will be sent this image,  

which is taken from information designed by the  

Educational Welfare Officer and shows the  

percentage and number of days in education. A  

warning system of Green, Amber and Red has  

been used to make the impact clear.  

Arrangements/safety at the beginning and end of the school day 

It is really important that we ensure all children are safe when they are coming to school and when  they are collected from school. 


Please ensure that you DO NOT park on the zig zags and bus  

stop area on Beach Road. These areas are clearly marked on the  

road and must not be blocked.  

When cars park in these areas it means that the island crossing  

area is blocked from vision and it can force cars to drive on the  

wrong side of the road to get past the inappropriately parked cars.  

Please leave enough time to park appropriately and safely. 


The Nursery side gate at the bottom of the steps of the village hall car park and bottom gate will only  be open at morning drop off and after school pick up times. During the day these gates will be locked.  All access to the school site during the day, between 9.00-3.00pm, will need to be via the main school  gate. 

End of the school day 

We also politely ask that all parents leave the school site by 3.30pm at the latest. All the gates will be  locked at 3.30pm for after school club provision. This is so the children in after school club can utilise  the school site safely with all the external gates locked. 

I hope the children have a great first week back to school. Please get to know your new teacher this  week and I wish everyone a very successful year ahead. 

Kind Regards, 

Mrs Gail Holmes – Headteacher – Woolacombe School 

Term Dates 2022-2023 Autumn Term  

Term begins 

Monday 5th September Non-Pupil Day 

Friday 21st October  

October Half Term 24th 28h October 

Start of 2nd Half of  Autumn Tern 

31st October 2022 

Last Day of Autumn  Term 

16th December 2022 

Spring Term 

Non-Pupil Day 

Tuesday 3rd January 2023 

First Day of the Spring  Term 

Wednesday 4th January  2023 

Spring Half Term Break 

Monday13th February  2023 – Friday 17th  

February 2023 

Last Day of the Spring Term 

Friday 31st March 2023 Summer Term 

First Day of the  

Summer Term 

Monday 17th April 2023 May Bank Holiday 

Monday 1st May 2023 

Summer Half Term  Break 

Monday 29th May 2023 – Friday 2nd June 2023 

Non-Pupil Day 

Friday 14th July 2023 

Last Day of the Summer  Term 

Friday 21st July 2023

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2022 

Sept 2022 

Term begins 

Monday 5th September 

Parent welcome meetings 

Wednesday 7th Sept 

Year 1 2.30pm and Year 3 2.45pm 

Thursday 8th Sept 

Year 2 2.30pm and Year 4 2.45pm 

Friday 9th September 

Year 6 2.30pm and Year 5 2.45pm 

Friday 16th September  

Parent open morning 9.00am Teaching school room Tuesday 20th September 

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Workshop. 2-3pm Teaching School Room 

Wednesday 21st September 

PTFA meeting – 6.30pm 

Friday 23rd September  

Primary Sports Festival West Buckland – Year 6 TBC Monday 26th –Friday 30th 

SEND parent meetings 

Monday 26th September  

Individual Tempest Photographs am and Class  Photographs pm 

Reception and Year 1 Phonics and Early Reading  Workshop. 6pm Reception Class 

Tuesday 27th September 

World Languages Day 

Wednesday 28th September 

Nasal Flu Vaccinations 

October 2022 

Thursday 6th October  

National Poetry Day- Theme Environment Friday 7th October  

Parent open morning 9.00am Teaching school room Monday 10th October – Friday 14th October Year 5 Dorset Residential 

Monday 17th – Thursday 20th October Parent Consultation Week 

Thursday 20th October 

Harvest Festival St Sabinus – TBC 

Non-Pupil Day 

Friday 21st October  

October Half Term 24th 28h October 

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2022 

Start of 2nd Half of Autumn Tern 

31st October 2022 

November 2022 

Friday 11th November 

Remembrance service St Sabinus 

Friday 18th November 

Children in Need 

Thursday 24th November 

PTFA Christmas Gift Evening TBC 

December 2022 

Thursday 1st December  

KS1 Christmas Production 2022 – Village Hall TBC Thursday 8th December 

Year 5/6 Christmas Production 2022 – Twitchen TBC Tuesday 13th December 2022 

EY Nativity 

Wednesday 14th December 2022 

Senior Citizens Christmas Carols 

Thursday 15th December 2022 

Whole School Carol Service St Sabinus 

Friday 16th December 2022 

Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day Last Day of Autumn Term 

16th December 2022

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