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   Welcome to our Nursery !

We are a registered Nursery attached to Woolacombe School and part of the South West Schools’ Federation. Our aim is to provide the best possible start for all the children in our nursery and working alongside parents, to give the support that enables each child to achieve their full potential. Our intention is to provide a safe, caring and secure environment which enables our children to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes from first hand experiences. Our staff skilfully combine a mixture of adult led and child led learning activities and we follow Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Our nursery is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach whereby the environment is highly valued for its potential to promote learning through open ended, investigative and exploratory play. We value play as a central part of learning processes for young children as it enables children to develop key skills that will affect their ability to learn for their life time. Play takes place in a social context and the role of language is essential. At our Nursery, we have an enduring focus on helping children to acquire speech and language skills, as the capacity to communicate is central to all learning.

We are very proud to have achieved a Good Grade for our Ofsted Inspection

If you would like a term time only place please contact us on:

Early Years Education Funding – Universal Entitlement (15 hours)

All 3 and 4 years old children and some 2 year olds are entitled to government funding. Early Education Funding for 3 year olds commences the term after their 3rd birthday. For eligible 2 year olds, funding starts in the term after their second birthday. Early Education Funding covers 38 weeks a year up to a maximum of 15 hours per week. To see if you are eligible for a funded place for you 2 year old, please click on this link to the Devon County Council advice page.

Extended Entitlement (Additional 15 hours)

We are very excited to let you know that our nursery will be offering 30 funded hours from September 2017. As many of you would have heard in the media, the Government have said that they will fund children an additional 15 hours a week childcare, which will give up to 30 hours of funded time within Nurseries from September, for eligible 3 and 4 year olds. This funding has clear eligibility criteria.Please visit the Childcare Choices Website for more information and to register for 30 hours.

If you have problems accessing the system or completing your check please call the HMRC Helpdesk on 0300 1234 097 (Woolacombe School and Devon County Council cannot assist with these applications).



Allocation of Universal Hours

At Woolacombe School Nursery, we choose to allocate the 15 hours universal funded hours for 3 and 3 year olds, starting from the September before they start school. We allocate hours in a two and half day pattern, either at the beginning or end of the week. This means that your child may be allocated Monday and Tuesday 9 – 3 and Wednesday 9-12 OR Wednesday 12 – 3 and Thursday and Friday 9- 3. All parents can buy additional wrap around hours should they need additional child care. We operate this system because:

  • It allows consistent, regular attendance for children
  • It gives children to opportunity to build relationships with the same peers or similar group of children
  • It supports practitioners to build relationships with children and aids progression
  • It also allows practitioners to plan an effective curriculum which is building on a child’s prior learning

From September, we will be offering 30 hours funded care. However, we will still continue our allocation system of the universal 15 hours. Any other additional hours will have to be taken between 9am and 3pm on other days.

In Woolacombe School Nursery, all funded hours have to be taken between 9am and 3pm. 


Key Person

Our experienced and caring staff are dedicated to making children happy, safe and ready for school. Every child has a Key Person who will follows their progress closely, and work with parents to build a picture of each area of learning. We record each child’s journey of learning in a portfolio: their “Learning Journey”. At Parents’ evening, you be specifically invited to view your child’s learning journey and speak to to your child’s Key Person, however, your child’s learning journey is available for you to view in setting whenever you wish. We also love to hear from you about anything that you wish to contribute to the learning j
urney about your child’s achievements and progress.

We also work alongside Early Years Professionals within the school to ensure a smooth transition into their Reception year.

Fees and Session times:

Hourly rates

For before school care and any hours between 8am and 3pm which are unfunded will be as follows:


Two Year Olds Three and Four Year Olds
£5.00 an hour £4.00 an hour


After School Care


All care between 3pm and 5:30pm will be charged at a single rate, regardless of the time the child is collected.

Two Year Olds: Care from 3pm up to 5:30pm Three and Four Year Olds: Care from 3pm up to 5:30pm
£12.50 £10


Fees are calculated per term and are due in advance of your child attending their sessions. In order to retain your child’s place fees need to be paid regardless of attendance. Bills are sent out in the final week of the term for the next term. We therefore ask that parents pay a term in advance. Bills are due to be settled in full 21 days after the date the bill was sent.

If you would prefer  to pay on a monthly basis need to speak to our Nursery Administrator, who will be very happy to arrange this for you:

Notice Period

If you wish to change the days or times that your child attends nursery, we require a minimum of 2 weeks’ written notice. Please be aware that it may not always be possible to accommodate request for changes.

If you wish to withdraw your child from nursery, we require 4 weeks written notice. Please be aware that if this notice is not given, you will be charged for 4 weeks attendance in lieu of notice. 


The building is very secure with an internal buzzer at the entrance gate and pass protected doors. The outside area is totally enclosed garden space surrounded by a high fence.

Woolacombe Primary School

We aim to give children a smooth transition to whichever primary school they go to.

We are part of Woolacombe School  with whom we share a site, and during the Summer term, we do a series of transition visits to the Reception Class. All parents need to be aware that attendance at Woolacombe School Nursery does not guarantee a place at Woolacombe School. All applications for Woolacombe School have to go through Devon County Councils’ admission system and are allocated according to Devon’s admissions criteria for maintained schools.

Healthy Eating.

Children in Nursery can have a hot meal every lunchtime. These are very good value at only £1.70 each per day. Woolacombe School has been running our own very successful catering service for many years and it is an integral part of our school day and ethos. The menus are good value, healthy and high nutritional value; we try to only use quality local ingredients. We encourage all children to partake of a school meal as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The menus have plenty of choice but we will also cater for various diets if necessary.

As part of our healthy eating policy, children are asked not bring nuts (due to serious allergies) and sweets in their packed lunch boxes. These can be replaced by a piece of fruit, raisins, cubes of cheese, crackers or toast fingers!


All children who attend Nursery are required to wear our Nursery uniform which is practical and hard wearing.  Uniform can be purchased from the School Office using our online ordering system. Children will need a suitable coat every day.

Children need to bring on a daily basis:
Summer – sun hat, safe shoes and sun lotion (please apply before arrival).
Winter – Wellington boots and a warm coat.


White or yellow Polo Shirt

Red Sweatshirt

Black Joggers or  Trousers

Grey Skirt or Red Gingham Dress

If your child is toilet training you must send a complete set of spare clothing as accidents will happen. If your child is still in nappies please provide sufficient numbers of nappies and wipes to cover your child’s sessions.


Forest, Farm and Sea Schools

At Woolacombe School Nursery we place equal importance on learning indoors and outdoors and use our wonderful location to maximise these opportunities.

Forest School- We are lucky enough to have a Forest Schools site that we are developing on the school grounds and visit on a regular basis.

Farm School- At particular points in the year, we provide weekly visits to a local farm where the children get to experience all aspects of farm life across a period of time to watch the change, growth and development of both the animals and the farm itself.

Beach school- The Nursery provides weekly beach visits during the Autumn and Summer term. We use all our outdoor sessions to explore and discover nature and its natural materials and begin to make sense of the environment that surrounds us all.

Forest, farm and sea school sessions are classrooms without walls and opportunities for learning through doing, outdoors.


We are always very happy to have prospective parents visit our nursery. Please ring our school number 01271 870551 to arrange a time to meet us and see our setting. We look forward to meeting you soon.