The Importance of provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Woolacombe School is a mainstream school that believes everyone has the right to be educated and to be part of our school community. We are committed to the promotion of equality and diversity. In so doing, we realise the valuable contribution, that all members of the school community can make to our school.

In recent years approximately 15% of children within our school have been deemed to have a special educational need or disability of one kind or another. Children have a special educational need if they have a learning difficulty, which requires additional or specific provision to be put in place for them.


The curriculum and learning environment

Every child at Woolacombe School will access high quality teaching which takes account of pupil’s differing needs. We are proud of our creative curriculum throughout the school which allows children to learn in a variety of ways, become independent learners, thrive in areas of strength and gain confidence in areas they need to develop. Where appropriate, the curriculum will be adapted and reasonable adjustments will be made to meet the range of special educational needs and disabilities in our school. Where children are in need of additional support, this will be provided within the classroom setting to allow for full inclusion. It may also be given through small group sessions in addition to their usual classroom provision. Teachers and teaching assistants will provide a tailored and personalised approach in line with a child’s EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) or ‘My Plan’. As a school we will endeavour to secure the special educational provision required by the child.

School trips are an important part of a child’s education we make every effort to provide these opportunities to every child in our school. Where necessary we will seek support of parents or other appropriate adults to support children with SEND to take a full and active part in school trips, as well as extra curricular activities. Arrangements will be made to ensure all children can fully contribute to every aspect of school life.


Supporting the overall wellbeing of children with SEND

Children’s emotional wellbeing is vital to great learning in the classroom. All staff at our school work hard to support the wellbeing of every child through our ’10 a day’ School Philosophy to support mental Health and wellbeing.  We also ensure we develop caring and honest relationships with all children and ensure there are opportunities for children to talk to adults for support. Our staff are available every day to support parents in helping their children at school. The SENDCo will, where appropriate, share information with staff to ensure a holistic approach for children and parents.


Parental Involvement

The role of parents and carers is very important and we seek to support the partnership between school and home. Parents are encouraged to become involved, or are included in their child’s learning, in the following ways:

~    Learning that is sent home;

~    Regularly meeting with the class teacher and SENDCo where appropriate;

~    Consultation with parents regarding targets and next steps for their child;

~    Attendance at, and contributions to, review meetings about their child’s learning;

~    Volunteering to support learning and activities within school, on school trips and through extra curricular activities;

~    An annual report is provided on each child’s progress as well as two consultation meetings each year.