Please find attached the presentation from the last parent voice.

Parent Voice July 2017

During our last Parent Voice, I was able to inform parents that unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our DFE government bid for up £200,000 towards the canteen extension.  We are however looking into alternative avenues/grant applications to raise enough money for the canteen extension.


During the meeting parents asked for more explanation about why there is a need to help raise funds for the school, for a building project. It was good to be able to explain that 80% of a schools allocated budget goes towards staffing costs, which is as it should be. But that only leaves 20% for all other areas. We have to raise money for bigger projects if we want to continually improve the learning environment and provision for our children. This is also something that has happened historically too. Without PTFA fundraising we would not have the MUGA area or the adventure trail. These were two huge projects which were mainly funded by our PTFA.


Parents who attended the Parent Voice felt it was really important that this was communicated to all parents so there was greater understanding about why PTFA fundraising is a vital part of ensuring we continue to improve provision for our children. As a school we hugely value the contributions all parents make.