Our Curriculum

We have a four year rolling programme of whole school topics taught through a cross curricular approach. The foundation of all our learning is rooted in the whole school topics, which alternate across the year from history, to geography, to SMSC.  A vast majority of the topic learning comes through the literacy and numeracy, as the children explore linked poetry, narratives, diary writing and maths taught in context.  


Our teachers recognise the duality between research and practice. We are research-informed, rather than research-lead. We are brave in our instructional models, taking the work of Englemann, Rosenshine and Hirsch to deliver content which is designed to be remembered. Our lessons are structured around succinctness and clarity. We investigate and explore, but we plan carefully for these opportune moments to maximise their impact.

We take a ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach to maths, lead by our on-site Teaching for Mastery Specialist, Dan Polak. This aligns with our unwavering belief that every child can achieve at a high level.

Our principles for teaching reading are the most important of all, as we consider reading to be the heartbeat of learning. Find it here.

HOW do we teach the reading skills at WS in EYFS KS1 KS2

Four year programme

We operate a four year rolling programme of whole school topics. We continually revise and refine this approach but always consider a whole school topic advantageous as:

  • It gives opportunity for cross-phase interaction
  • It ensures teachers are regularly enabled to plan together, enhancing our offer
  • It allows scope for ‘wow’ events which capture the imagination of our community
  • It secures that our teachers are knowledgeable about our curriculum, regardless of year group. 

We ‘plan for forgetting’ at Woolacombe School. Our teachers are well-versed in retrieval practice and the practical application of designing tasks so children can remember. We regularly revise information and present it in a way which manages cognitive load difficulties and maximises the chances of a child remembering and making connections with new information.

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Please see our curriculum overviews for the Autumn Term below:

Woolacombe School reception Topic Web
Woolacombe Year 1 Topic web
Woolacombe School Year 2 topic web
Year 3 Topic Web
Year 4 Topic Web

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