The ‘Need to Knows’ are documents our teachers use to identify and target the most important areas of maths. You can access them here:


What makes an area of maths more important than another? It’s about how we apply our understanding in different contexts. If we know our times tables and have a good understanding of place value, it makes concepts like formal multiplication much easier to understand. We focus our teaching on these, and other key concepts in order to make sure that every single child has a brilliant grasp of the mathematical fundamentals.

The need to knows are not the whole curriculum, which we teach throughout the year, they are a reduced version of example questions we expect every child to be able to answer at the end of each year.


The ‘Off by Heart’ booklets have been put together to help you support your child in understanding these fundamental concepts. They are a list of the skills we are focussing on each term, with a game to play with your child to help re-enforce these skills. Each half term, a different booklet will come home, keeping you up to date on what we’re learning in class.


There are several websites you might find helpful in supporting your child with their maths: