Our curriculum has been designed in conjunction with Curriculum Maestro. It is a two-year rolling programme, separated into the four learning stages - EY, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. Each unit of study is truly cross-curricular, which means that the children are totally immersed in the topic each term, gaining a breadth of knowledge. Each topic has geography or history as its driving subject, with companion projects for science and the arts. The curriculum objectives and skills are sequentially taught across the phases, meaning that the children build on strong foundations as they progress through the school. The topics are intentionally designed and chosen to support this.

Our LIteracy is woven through and linked with the topics as much as possible to enable children to apply their learning through a context. We begin each writing sequence with a 'hook' to ensure the children understand the purpose and audience of their writing. Quality, aspirational texts are used at the heart of every sequence.  These high quality texts are a model for the grammatical features which we want children to apply in their writing, and to expose the children to rich and varied vocabulary. Our principles for teaching reading are the most important of all, as we consider reading to be the heartbeat of learning. Find more information here on our approach to reading and writing

Our maths is taught using White Rose Maths as a framework. From here, teachers use their knowledge of the children and their individual expertise to craft lessons that lead the children towards mastering the curriculum. Real-life contexts linked with topic where appropriate enable children to see how maths is the universal language and transcends all facets of life and future experiences. Find more information here on our approach to teaching Maths


Our teachers recognise the duality between research and practice. We are research-informed, rather than research-lead. We are brave in our instructional models, taking the work of Englemann, Rosenshine and Hirsch to deliver content which is designed to be remembered. Our lessons are structured around succinctness and clarity. We investigate and explore, but we plan carefully for these opportune moments to maximise their impact.