The wellbeing and welfare of our school community always comes first, ensuring that everyone feels safe, valued and able to talk openly around mental health and well being. Our C360 seeks to educate and support children socially, developing an awareness of their own and others mental health.

“Where schools and workplaces promote positive cultures of character and virtue, so other outcomes are positively affected. These outcomes include higher performance levels among staff, greater sense of professional purpose, good citizenship, greater staff commitment and feelings of well-being”. Extract from Bringing Character to Life – Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues

As a Trust of Character: our Characterful Adult framework encourages us all to discover our individual strengths; appreciating what is best in us as well as championing strengths and accomplishments in those around us. Character strengths are a core and foundational part of who we are, a collection of positive individual character traits that we all possess and that are linked to our fulfilment, purpose, wellbeing, happiness and flourishing.

Our character influences how we think, act, and feel and represents what we value in ourselves and others. As a Trust we believe that by putting character formation into action our individuals and teams through a shared humanity will continue to grow inspired and supportive cultures across our schools and communities.

As a trust we understand that sometimes individuals and families need specific well being support. The Social Inclusion Team work across the Trust and are available to staff, pupils and families where they can listen and signpost when appropriate.