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Be safe on the Internet !

Be safe on the Internet !

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Year 6 – Mr Polak

Year 6 – Razorbill Class


 Welcome back!

My summer letter is here – Summer letter 2017

Our topic this term is: Gifts from the sea! Our key questions will be:

  • The Wreckers of Mortehoe – who were they and what did they do?

  • What coastal erosion is human, and what is natural?

  • Was John Coppinger a good person?

  • How did Lundy become a ‘natural treasure’?

Have a look at our topic web below for more details.

Topic Web SUMMER 2017

We are hoping to visit Lundy Island to see the geophysical effects of coastal erosion as well as finding out about the chequered history of the island’s use from the Neolithic period to modern day! We’re particularly interested in John Coppinger, a shady character who hid many things on the island!


It’s been absolutely wonderful how much reading I’ve seen! We normally have 20/25 children in the raffle every week and it’s been five weeks since anyone read below four times. Brilliant! Keep it up!

Here is Mr Pleasance’s powerpoint which is really useful when talking about asking different types of questions. Our focus at the moment is being able to evidence our inferences using modal verbs of possibility. When children answer your questions, do they say it definitely is the case when they mean it could be the case?

Reading Powerpoint


Mathematics is the music of reason,

James Joseph Sylvester

Our journey in maths continues! The last assessment we did was astronomically good and we had lots of broad smiles when we reflected on the progress made so far this year. We still have time to improve further so please refer to the summer letter for guidance with home learning. If at a loose end, email me or prioritise:

  • Formal methods of multiplication and division

  • Times tables

  • Recipe questions- if you have a recipe for four people, how much do you need to cook for seven people?


I am so excited about how we’ll be using the new BBC Ten Pieces (found here: to inspire our writing about North Devon’s maritime past. We’ll be digging into the music to structure writing which matches the mood, tonality and tempo of different classical pieces. They are well worth checking out! Of course, these pieces give us a brilliant opportunity to mix our writing with art and our own compositions to explore the creative links which generated from a ‘root’ idea.

I know many of you catch me in the mornings or afternoons which is great- for those of you who can’t get hold of me at those times my email is I am always available for any issue, or to provide any support I can. I really value the close involvement we have with parents at Woolacombe, which has been so positive and helpful during my first year here.

Thank you,

Dan Polak

Our statutory spelling list is Spelling list We’ll be trying to use every single one of these words throughout the year to make sure we’ve seen them and understand them!

The writing assessment frame will be in everyone’s books as a guide to the skills we need to have mastered by the end of the year. It looks like this: