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Year 6 – Mr Polak

Welcome back!

My class letter can be found here.

The ‘topic web’ which details our cross-curricular links can be found here.

This term we will be looking at the Vikings! To research for this one, I’ve been reading The Northmen’s Fury, which I found fascinating. Mrs Holmes also came across this beautifully illustrated compendium of Norse Myths which we’ll be using in class.



My letter details the importance of daily reading. The more often the better.


In our English lessons we will be using these storytelling structures to identify common themes in myths across the ages, but specifically with a focus on Thor, Loki and Odin. We are constantly being retold the same stories, and so many narrative archetypes reappear that it’s worth having a look at why this is and the role they play in developing a traditional story arc. Once you identify the type of literary trope in effect, you can ruin films for everyone by predicting the ending.

We will write our own Norse myths and see if we can contribute to finishing the unfinished sagas. Hopefully you will be able to join us later in the term for a storytelling session where we can present our hard work back to you!



Fluent recall of times tables makes a very big difference to a child’s experience of maths. It doesn’t need to be incredibly quick, it just needs to be easy. These can be taught so please help out if your child struggles with these by playing games at home. A random number generator on a search engine can you give a game we always play- ask them to explain it!


We will be looking principally at multiplication and division over the next several weeks. We will work out how fast and far the Viking longships could go. We will move into data collection and analysis to look at how much bigger (and therefore scarier) Vikings were than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts.



As always, please pop in or email me on if you need to talk about anything. This term is a long, dark one- but we will endeavour to make it a fascinating and fun one, too! I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to get stuck in!


Dan Polak

Spelling list We’ll be trying to use every single one of these words throughout the year to make sure we’ve seen them and understand them!

The writing assessment frame will be in everyone’s books as a guide to the skills we want to have mastered by the end of the year. It looks like this: