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Year 6 – Mr Polak


Year six

 Welcome back!

Summer welcome letter 2018

Our topic this term is: Saving our planet

Our key questions will be:

•What do we need to do to keep our environment healthy?

How our health affected by our environment?

What is the potential impact of our current rate of waste production?

Topic web

I am so excited to welcome you to our new project, centred on our coastline and our whole school focus of becoming a ‘plastic-free school’. We’ve been inspired by speakers explaining the impact of single-use plastics and have felt empowered by learning what we can do about it. The statistics behind single-use plastics are harrowing and we know we have a role to play in reversing the damage done to our invaluable environment.



Great readers make great writers. We want to see as many children as possible reading five times a week. We’ve done a brilliant job so far this year in keeping these standards up- so thank you so much for this fantastic support.

Here is Mr Pleasance’s powerpoint which is really useful when talking about asking different types of questions. Our focus will be to evidence our inferences using modal verbs of possibility. When children answer your questions, do they say it definitely is the case when they mean it could be the case?


Mathematics is the music of reason,

James Joseph Sylvester

Some of the numbers behind ocean waste are extraordinary. They’re huge and quite tricky to get your head round to truly understand the potential destruction humans can cause as populations grow. Exponential growth is something we’ll be exploring and it reminds me of how difficult we find it to envisage how quickly things can spiral out of control. We’ll be looking at an old mathematical analogy- if a bacteria doubles every minute and takes an hour to fill a bottle from 11-12, the bottle is half empty at 11.59. At 11.55 only 3% of the bottle is full. If Earth grows at the rate we expect, we may be closer to a tipping point than we realise.

If you’re looking to help at home- here are some things we’ll need to practise:

Any SATs reasoning and arithmetic papers- you can get them from CGP or from me- just ask!

•Formal methods of multiplication and division

•Times tables

•Drawing fractions- can you draw what happens to 4/5 when it is multiplied by 1/2?


We’ll be using our writing as a force for good. We plan to lobby those in power to respond to the growing threat of single-use plastics. Many companies and people with influence are taking the threat seriously but many aren’t. We want to challenge this and see what companies think of their role in tackling this growing plastic problem. 

We want to write to our local MP but we also want to engage with local companies and see how we can support those who are already taking positive steps forward in reducing plastic. Most people are shocked by the statistics about single-use plastics so we’ll be writing to publicise and inform.


Spellings will come home every week with individualised lists, bu the statutory spelling list is at the bottom of the page.

Please catch me in the mornings for a chat about absolutely anything- for those of you who can’t get hold of me at those times my email is I am always available for any issue, or to provide any support I can.

Thank you,

Dan Polak

Spelling list We’ll be trying to use every single one of these words throughout the year to make sure we’ve seen them and understand them!

The writing assessment frame will be in everyone’s books as a guide to the skills we want to have mastered by the end of the year. It looks like this: