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Year 3 – Mrs Simpson

Puffins Class – Year 3

Welcome to our very own class webpage, dedicated to sharing and updating you with our teaching and learning with the pufflings.  I’m looking forward to the Summer term in Year 3 and I can’t wait for us to get learning!

Our new topic is Gifts from the sea… (local studies)

This term will be exploring the geography and history about where we live and how others lived, e.g. the infamous Mortehoe wreckers.


Furthermore, we’ll be broadening our thinking-skills by investigating a range of curious and interesting enquiry questions, such as:

  • The Wreckers of Mortehoe – who were they and what did they do?

  • Lundy Island – a natural treasure!

  • What makes Woolacombe special?

Take a look at the curriculum map (topic web) and ‘Summer Curriculum Letter’ to give you a more detailed overview of our learning this term.

Topic Web SUMMER 2017[4106]

Year 3 curriculum letter SUMMER 2017 ss

grammar image

Becoming creative and imaginative writers…

 This term we’ll kick-start our writing brains with poetry to ignite our imagination, visualising skills and to broaden our vocabulary knowledge and choices.  We’ll be imitating, innovating and inventing our own poems inspired by the BBC Ten Pieces II classical music project, with the aim to perform our efforts with peers and Year 4 and beyond.

Moreover, we’ll be having a WOW experience to follow the path of the Mortehoe wreckers from Lee to Woolacombe, a visit on the Ilfracombe Princess to follow the wreckers coastline (subject to the weather) and a Lifeguards trip to Putsborough to help our understanding of our local beach, Putsborough.


To build on our writing skills and possibly to apply some local studies topic language and phrases, we’ll be reading our class text – Sea’s Gift by Susan Summers.

Plus, each day we’ll be sharing other stories and poems, so that we are truly immersed in our topic.  Come and see our class display to read and enjoy our writing.  We are amazing authors and are developing our writing skills.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) 


We will share a daily spelling session, where we’ll focus on the curriculum spelling lists, class text words and also personal spelling lists.  Each term a group of spellings will be sent home as well as uploaded to the webpage for you to practise with some fun games and activities, e.g. quick write and rhyming.  Please see my next spelling letter to get you started.

Also, please see a summary of the full Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list and HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS for you to practise at home.


Year 3 & 4 Word List Grid

Remember to look at our spelling display to help you to become a great spelling bee.  We have also started to enjoy lots of ‘Spelling Bee Competitions’ to use and apply our weekly spelling focus words.

images (3)

This term, we will be working together as individuals, pairs and as a group to share their learning skills, such as: remembering, understanding, applying and evaluating. There will be a focus on explaining our maths thinking using full sentences orally and in writing. Moreover, we will be extending our knowledge and understanding in Year 2: number sense, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Our main aims are to:

  • count in multiples of 100; find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number

  • recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit (hundreds, tens and ones)

  • compare and order numbers up to 1000

  • read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in words

  • add and subtract numbers mentally up to 3 digits

  • solve problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value, and more complex addition and subtraction

  • recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables

  • write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division using the multiplication tables that they know.

Sizzling SCIENCE!


We will be focusing on becoming scientific investigators, using a range of scientific enquiries in the classroom and outdoors to develop scientific skills (predicting, observing, recording, analysing and explaining). Big ideas linked to our curriculum focus, such as:

  • Plants eat and drink. Agree or disagree?

  • We breath oxygen created from Lundy Island ocean plants. True or false?

  • Investigating the parts of a plant and linking to ART to create pictures using IOrnament app on the IPads.

  • Why is Jonathon, National Trust Ranger, happy?

  • Mrs Simpson found a coconut washed up on Woolacombe Beach, why didn’t it grow?

images (4)

Our PE sessions will take place on a Wednesday and Friday afternoons. A kit letter was sent home at the end of last term, please see us if you would like another copy. As before, to get the most from our PE sessions, please ensure that your child always has a complete PE kit bag in school with: black shorts, tracksuit bottoms, PE t-shirt, PE jumper, socks, trainers (studs if needed) and a plastic bag for muddy trainers. Children will come home in their PE kit or take kit home at the end of each week – ready for cleaning – and brought back into class the following Monday.  We will be focusing on improving our running and jumping skills in athletic on the meadow and muga, plus we’ll be focusing on strategy and working as a team in tag rugby.  Remember that SPORTS DAY is Wednesday 5th July on the field.  Check the Woolacombe School webpage calendar for any changes.

  Super Home learning


The home learning tasks are split into two areas of learning:

1) nightly times tables challenge

2) reading, literacy, art or design and technology tasks to use and apply learning from the weekly learning

Home learning will be given out each Friday and submitted back in on the following Wednesday with written or verbal feedback.  Please visit the School Twitter page for MORE amazing examples of our efforts.


 Reading is very important and underpins all our learning in class.  The school expectation is to read for up to 10-15 minutes each night and to record the reading progress in the Home School Diary.  This will be checked regularly and possibly updated with some helpful hints and texts to try at home – if not already shared face-to-face.  However, I will also encourage the pufflings to select new book genres and authors to challenge and excite them.  Please help yourself to the books in the Class Book Corner and read our great reading posters on the Woolacombe School Twitter feed.

Our Puffin Team to help our learning and inspire us…

Mrs Overney will continue to develop the pufflings Spanish skills each week.

Clare Russell will be continuing with Music work planned for the children, which will be closely linked to our topic and preparations for our performance events, such as the Woolacombe Production at the Village Hall.

Miss Challacombe will be team teaching topic and art work .

This term’s computing focus will be to improve our word processing and blogging skills on our class blog.

Looking back at prior learning with Mrs Parsons, we’ve been developing our programming skills.  Click on the link for more information.



This term, we’ll be exploring Christianity and values of friendship and changes, looking ahead to our transition day – Tuesday 4th July.

Summer’s here…

Slip, slap, slop!

Remember that the sun’s hot and we recommend that the children wear a quality suncream (e.g. Once) and it’s applied before the start of the school day.  We will also provide Woolacombe School caps and recommend shady and sun-safe places to shelter when the sun’s bright, e.g. the outside music area.

I hope you find this webpage useful?  If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Let’s make this final term one to remember.

Sam Simpson

Year 3 Class Teacher