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Year 5 – Miss Hester

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Welcome to Seals Class (Year 5) web page!

Snow Day Home-learning

Year 5 Snow Day Home-learning

Welcome back to the new SUMMER term! 

Topic Web SPRING 1 2018

Welcome back Year 5! I hope you are feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready for the Summer Term!

Topic – ACTIVE PLANET – How can we keep our planet healthy?

We are kick-starting this brand-new year with the topic – ACTIVE PLANET with a focus on how can we keep healthy? We will be consolidating and extending our scientific and geographic skills by exploring new enquiries in our cross-curricular learning and developing our skills in asking perspective questions, thinking critically, weighing evidence, sifting arguments and developing a perspective and judgement. This topic will see us exploring, human health and the health of our environment by reducing pollution and the single use of plastics. We will start to consider key questions – How can we keep healthy? Does Devon need a doctor? What have we done? What can we do?

Please click on the link below to see this term’s topic web for more information on the curriculum subjects this term.

Topic Web Autumn 1 2017


This term we will be broadening our writing skills by exploring the linguistic features in a range of text types, including free verse poetry and narrative writing. In adopting Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing technique, we will be looking at imitating, innovating and independently adapting class texts that compare life on a ‘Green’ planet and how life could be if we do not look after our environment.




This year we are going to focus on thought bubbling our maths. We are going to delve deep into our minds to show and explain our answers to truly become mathematical masters! We are also going to continually track our progress throughout the term with the use of elicitation tasks before and after a topic has been learnt. This will enable us to see how we have progressed in our mathematical skills and identify where we need stretching and where we may need more support!

Another key focus this year is to crack our times tables! What multiplication facts could we use to solve our 6 times tables?! What about our 8s and 9s?! We are going to be competing against ourselves twice a week to beat our scores in the ‘TIMES TABLES CHALLENGE’ which provides us with 3 minutes to complete as many times tables problems as possible! Can you beat your score?


PE will continue to be on both Wednesday and Friday each week. This term, Year 5 will be taking part in: Rounders, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Invasion Games, Volleyball and Dance.  To ensure that we get the maximum enjoyment and learning from our physical activity, can you ensure that your child has ALL the correct PE kit for each session with their kits in class EVERY MONDAY. Due to the cold weather, it is vital that your children have WARM clothing for their outdoor PE sessions: an underlay, warm hat, gloves, appropriate shoes and a waterproof light coat is recommended!

In addition to our P.E. lessons we will also be completing our ‘Daily Physical Activity’ and are currently focusing on building up our stamina to see how many miles we can run in 10 minutes! Are you ready for the 10-minute challenge?!

Reading at Home

Home reading in Year 5 has been FANTASTIC so far, this year! I am really impressed with all the effort that has been put in and it really does make a huge impact on your child’s reading and understanding of a text.

Please do not forget our weekly ‘Reading Raffle’ and to be given this opportunity children will have to have read with an adult at least five times in a week and have it signed in their contact diary’s. 

Need some inspiration for a good book? Check out this website which offers “100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school”.

Just click on the link below!


Please ensure your child is equipped with their pencil case every day. Their pencil case should include, a pencil, a handwriting pen, a coloured biro to respond to feedback, a sharpener and a glue stick!

Home Learning

The effort and commitment shown to home learning from this class has been INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for all the support you have shown and it really has impacted on your child’s progress!

Literacy home learning tasks will be set each Friday and then submitted for marking and written and oral feedback the following Friday.  This term, the literacy home learning focus will be on spelling and word classes.

The daily maths home learning will continue from Monday to Thursday each week. Again, thank you so much for the commitment that has been shown towards this. This term, I will be asking children to spend only five minutes on their daily home learning and then will encourage them to use the remaining five minutes to practise their times tables. It is really important in Year 5 for children to be able to recall their times tables, as it unloads the amount on their working memory and will help them progress in their learning. 

The full Statutory Spelling List for Year 5 is also available below.

Statutory Spelling List Year 5 and 6

Finally, home learning tasks are an assessment tool for me to monitor the progress of your child’s learning and the impact that my teaching is having on them. Therefore, if your child struggles or makes mistakes that is fine, I just encourage all children to try and if they feel that they really can’t do it, then I ask for them to write me a sentence explain why they are struggling – I can then support them the following day.

For any additional information or to answer any questions please do not hesitate to catch me in the mornings or after school! Alternatively, if you cannot not see me during those times, feel free to email me at

Thank you for all of your ongoing support. I am really excited for another wonderful term with Year 5!
Miss Hester

Key Dates

Dorset Residential Meeting – 20th April
Dorset Residential – 30th April – 4th May
May Bank Holiday – 7th May
Year 2 and 6 SATS week – Week Beg 14th May
Sex and Relationships Education – Week Beg 21st
May Half Term – Week Beg 28th May
Barton Hall – 8th June
Year 5 Assessment Week – Week Beg 11th June
Beaford Arts Exhibition – 28th June
Transition Day – 3rd July
Sports Day – 4th July Start of Summer holidays – 25th July

Thank you for all of your ongoing support. I am really excited for another wonderful term with Year 5!

Best wishes, 

Miss Hester