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Year 4- Miss Chall

number-4-shaped-pinataWelcome to Year 4 Autumn Term

Welcome back to a brand new school year. I hope that you have had a relaxing break and a wonderful Summer with friends and family. I am really looking forward to an exciting and very full year with the brand new Year 4s!

Meet the teacher meeting: Please come in to school on Thursday 7th September for our meet the teacher. It is a chance for you to hear important information, ask questions and get to know both me and our new student teacher Mrs Helen Courtney!


Our topic this term is Harmony and Conflict. We will be starting with WWII then moving on to WWI after half term. This is so that our WWI learning coincides with Remembrance Day and Christmas.

We will be looking at many different aspects of the world wars, looking at war through the eyes of all involved, children, animals, men, women and even trees! In literacy we will be studying some war poetry and war stories by Shirley Hughes and Michael Morpurgo. We will also be looking at how the World Wars fit into the chronology of England and the world and be looking at how Woolacombe played a part in the D-Day landings!

We will of course be having a Big Experience to ignite the children’s interest in this topic; more information on this will follow shortly!



To start the term we will be looking at some poetry and immersing ourselves in the language and vocabulary linked with the World War 2. We will then move on to some letter writing before moving on to narrative writing based on the story book “the lion and the unicorn”.



This term children will be continuing to develop their understanding of place value. We will also be looking at mental and written methods of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, as well as continuing times tables practise regularly. We will also be covering fractions and percentages and some work on shape and measure.

We have changed how we test times tables this term. Now children will complete a ‘cold’ test of a times table on a Monday, practice this times table all week then re-test on a Friday. It is a requirement of the new curriculum that all children master all times tables up to 12×12 by the end of this year, so help at home would be incredibly helpful to your child.


The children will be taking part in a range of PE activities this term.Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school, including: well-fitting trainers, black shorts, black or navy tracksuit trousers, a spare white T-shirt and a clean pair of socks. A plastic bag kept inside the PE bag is always useful too, for muddy trainers to be stored in! Extra carrier bags and rucksacks are not allowed in class due to a lack of space in the cloakroom.

Please remember swimming kits on Friday!


Reading at Home

Home Reading is of vital importance for your child’d development, not just for reading but also writing, communication and confidence. Like the rest of the school, the aim is for 5 home -reads a week, with the reading diary signed by a parents or carer. This will result in your child being entered into the raffle to win a brand new book! Please remember that a good quality read doesn’t necessarily mean a long read. It could only be a few paragraphs, and the reading could be shared between child and parent, as long as you discuss this with your child using a mix of literal, inferential and evaluative questions. If you or your child is seeking inspiration for reading material, have a look at this website, which offers “100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school”.

Just click on the link below!

Pencil Cases

Please ensure your child comes to school with their pencil case every day. They must have a pencil, a handwriting pen and a fine-liner or colored biro for responding to feedback in their books. A ruler, sharpener, coloured pencils and a glue stick are also helpful. Please do not buy your child more than one pencil case.

Home Learning

Last year I was lucky enough to be involved in a really exciting maths project. One of the big changes I implemented in my classroom as a result of this was the introduction of Daily Maths Home Learning. This was met positively by parents and children alike and had a significant impact on attainment in maths and has now been adopted by all teachers across KS2. The idea is that children complete this independently, though they can work with an adult if you wish. They will be practicing the skills they have worked on in class, so this will not be an extension of the work done in class. Last year I had a fantastic hand in rate, with almost everyone managing to hand it in every day. The homework is also important for me as a tool for assessment, so if your child struggles or makes mistakes this is fine, and I encourage children to try and if they really can’t do it to write me a short sentence explaining why they struggled, I can then work with them the following day. More information about this will follow soon.

As you know, children are also expected to read at least 5 times a week, and to have this recorded daily in home school contact diaries. I will check diaries every day. As well as this your child will read with myself or a TA once a week. We will do a ‘book raffle’ every  week. Your child’s name will be entered into the raffle to win a brand new book provided they have 5 or more reads recorded by Friday morning.

As well as reading and maths home learning I also ask that you and your child work through the spellings on the inside cover of their spelling journals. This list is a statutory requirement of all year 4 children by the end of the year. I will then test the children on these every half term and record this in their spelling journals so you can see the progress made. The spelling journals will be used in school to practice spellings and in spelling sessions but will also come home every day. Practice in these is not obligatory but the more support with spelling your child gets the more improvement we will see.

I am aware this sounds like a lot, but it is so important for your child’s confidence and learning. Obviously I haven’t mentioned any Topic, Science or Literacy home learning yet. I feel it would be best to give everyone time to settle into a routine with the maths homework and other requirements and other home learning will follow in due course.


Sun Safety

Let’s think positively for a moment and imagine a very sunny term! Please ensure your child comes to school with sun cream already applied and spare cream in the book bag. They should also always have their school water bottle in school too. In the event of very hot weather, children will wear their school sun hats, (they are not permitted to bring in their own) and space will be available inside so they have a break from the sun at lunch.


 Thanks again, I am really looking forward to another great term!

Miss Chall


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