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Year 1

This term starts with the whole school topic…


                               Harmony & Conflict

Our topic this term is Harmony and Conflict. However initially in Year 1 were going to be looking at fictional and historic super learners. Dolphin class are going to start by looking at real life superheroes who help us when we are in danger. The classroom has an emergency headquarters role play for the children to act out being coastguards, police, doctors and firefighters. Alongside this we will look at the characteristics of a super learner.


Towards the end of term we’re shifting our focus towards to incredible historic super learners who have demonstrated persistence and tried new things. Through these historic figures we will start to discus world war 2 and begin to compare and contrast life then and now with the help of ‘Peepo’ and ‘The little hen and the great war’.


To start the term we will be learning the book ‘Oh No George’, we have a huge rage of activities including: interviewing the George, creating story maps and acting out our favourite scenes. This level of immersion in the story will help the children to adapt and change it when they write their own version. Following this were going to look at real life super learners during the second world war such as Agent Fifi who was a spy in 1940.


This term we are focusing our Maths lessons around simple Maths facts, such as number bonds of 10, counting forwards and backwards from a number and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. By doing this the class will have a really strong foundation for when we move onto addition, subtraction and place value. In our Maths lessons the class will also be encouraged to use any resources to support their learning, and we aim to move from using physical materials towards recording numbers and symbols in our books.


This year we will be looking at a number of scientific topics and within each of these look at scientific enquiry and thinking like a scientist.

The children will be following challenges of making the best building for an emergency and finding the best car for an emergency. The class are then going to plan their own tests to tests and decide what characteristics we need.



The children will be taking part in a range of PE activities this term, starting with tag-rugby and football on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school, including: well-fitting trainers, black shorts, black or navy tracksuit trousers, a spare white T-shirt and a clean pair of socks. A plastic bag kept inside the PE bag is always useful too, for muddy trainers to be stored in! Extra carrier bags and rucksacks are not allowed in class due to a lack of space in the cloakroom.


Home Learning

This year we’re going to focus on children’s maths facts such as: counting forwards and backwards from a number, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, and identifying number bonds. To support this the children will get a Maths pack at the start of the term with ideas for activities and some great resources.


As you know, children are expected to read at least 5 times a week, and to have this recorded daily in home school contact diaries. I will check diaries throughout the week to ensure that reading books are regularly changed and will also do a ‘book raffle’ every week. Your child’s name will be entered into the raffle to win a book provided they have 5 or more reads recorded by Friday morning.


As the term progresses the class will also receive fortnightly handwriting and spelling work, both of these will be based on vocabulary from our topic and in response to the words which your child is struggling on in their writing.

All of these activities are best performed little and often, and will make a huge impact on your child’s learning in school.

Staff in Year 1

We are very lucky to have Michelle Gammon and Sally ….. as the class’s teaching assistants this year, they will both be running Talk Boost interventions to supports the children’s communication and language skills. Claire Russel will also be taking the class for Art and Music on a Wednesday afternoon.  


General Information

Please ensure that your child is in school ready to start learning, between 8.40 and 8.50, and that full school uniform is being worn (particularly black shoes). 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our work this term, please do come and see us or contact us through the home school diary. 

I am really excited to start the term and begin learning with a brilliant new year 1 class!

Parent Meeting

You are invited to a parents meeting to meet me and to discuss items in this letter, more about the year and any questions you may have. This will be held in our classroom on Wednesday 6th of September at 2.30. I look forward to seeing you!

Thanks, Mr Abell


Useful Links

Great websites to challenge and extend your child’s learning across all subjects and areas of learning in Year 1 include:

DK Find out!

National Geographic for Kids

Coxhoe Primary School

Phonics Play

ICT Games

BBC Schools

A great website for practising phonic and early reading skills.

Practise your math skills using this excellent website.