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We can’t believe we’re already half way through our first term together!

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on the following texts as part of our Africa Topic before moving on to all things Christmas!

We have now completed Phase 2!

For the rest of the term we will be consolidating our learning, focusing on reading CVC words, captions and sentences containing these phonemes as well as segmenting to spell using a range of resources. We will also learn the rest of the alphabet sounds from phase 3: j, v, w, x, y, z.

For each letter sound we teach a ‘jolly song’ to support children’s recall and pronunciation. If you are interested in hearing them, search for ‘jolly songs’ online.

You’re child will now be bringing home a phonics reading book along side their levelled books which they will be sharing with their teachers on a regular basis. Please share this book throughout the week and ensure that it stays in your child’s book bag for teachers to replace regularly.

This is a brilliant game to reinforce phonics skills. There is a cost to the App, but if your child enjoys ‘quest’ games, this is for them!


You will also receive your Woolacombe words this term. Practice each set of sight words with your child daily and let us know when you feel you are ready for the next set. The lovely Carol Jenkins will practice these with your child every Monday and let you know how they are getting on.

Here’s a fun free App to compliment your high frequency word practice.


While recapping each letter sound we will now shift focus more from reading to letter formation. This App is particularly good for practicing these skills. We will also be using these songs in class.

Sing along Cursive Handwriting

We are now moving on to more of a focus on addition and subtraction within 5 & 10 in a variety of contexts and problems.


Week 2

We had an exciting start to the week, discovering this on Monday morning.

We decided to go on a Lion Hunt around the school and found lots of evidence of our surprise visitor. When we got back to class we created our own story, Reception on a Lion Hunt!

Click on the link below to have a look.

Reception on a lion hunt story

This week we will be sharing…

Week 1

We hope that you and your family have had a great summer

and we can’t wait to see you all again and hear all about it!

For our first term together the whole school topic is…

The first story we will be sharing is…

We will be using this story as a starting point to celebrate differences and what makes us special as well as using it to inspire some colour mixing, painting and printing! It will also kick off our Africa topic as we learn about African Elephants and explore where Africa is and what their habitats are like.

This week we will start our phonics sessions.

The first letter sounds we will learn are ‘s’ and ‘a’.

We have a phonics workshop coming up. Date to be confirmed.

We will also be adding useful information regarding our approach to teaching phonics to this website throughout the Autumn term. So watch this space!

In maths this week our focus is recognising numbers and counting.

We will do this through songs and games linked to our theme and using this as an opportunity for children to show us what they know so that we can plan their next steps.

During this early period, we will also be supporting your child in settling into school life, planning in greater opportunities for your child to make/reinforce friendships and become more familiar with their new school and class. Here are a couple of books we will be sharing.

Click on the link below to have a look at our topic web…

Elmer topic web week 2

We will also be trying to find out more about the children, including their backgrounds and interests, so that we can use this information to plan for them across the year. To help us learn more about your children, next week we are inviting the children to bring in their Shoeboxes.

We can’t wait!

Teachers throughout the week

Your child’s class teachers will be Mrs Seddon and Mrs Barnett who will be supported by Maggie, Paula and Tash throughout the week. Mrs Martin will also be teaching PE regularly. Please see the plan below for more details.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Mrs Seddon


Mrs Seddon


Mrs Seddon


Mrs Barnett &

 PE with Mrs Martin


Mrs Barnett

Forest School


PE with Mrs Martin


Mrs Barnett




We have an open-door policy in school and we welcome parents bringing their children into the classroom at the beginning of the day as it is an important part of transition. Please be aware that all teachers are involved in morning briefing meetings until 8.40am. Children can come into classes before this time but only if you stay with your child until the teacher arrives.

  • We would like to invite you all to our Welcome Meeting on Wednesday 12th September @ 2:30pm in the Reception class. Please do not worry if you are unable to make it – We will give each child a document that summarises all the things that were discussed.
  • 11th October: Harvest Festival at St Sabinus, 1.30 – 3
  • 6th December: KS1 Christmas Production (reception will be part of this performance)
  • 20th December: Christmas Service at St Sabinus, 1.30 – 3

Junk Modelling (a request!)

Our junk modelling area will require a steady supply of small boxes, plastic containers, lids, bottles etc. So please think of us before you pop these items in your recycling box.


Keeping you Informed

We will be updating this webpage with what we have been learning in class as well us what is coming up so please check it out regularly.

Thank you for your support – we are looking forward to an exciting year together!


The Reception Team