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Be safe on the Internet !

Be safe on the Internet !

Our Photos !

Our Photos !


   Mr Walters Snowy day home-learning Activities

Please take a picture of your children having fun in the snow to bring into school next week. We will use this to inspire some of our writing next week.

The sounds of the week are ‘ee’ and ‘ai’ sounds. Please see if you spot and list as many ‘ee’ sound words and ‘ai’ sound words as possible over the next few days.

Our whole school topic this term is called ‘SPACE.’

Each week we will use a different ‘Book of the Week’ to help us explore this topic in more detail and give the children opportunities to achieve across our ‘EYFS Curriculum.’



Our Book of the Week…

Image result for on the moon book

This week we will be using the story of ‘On the Moon’ (Anna Milbourne) as a starting point for our learning in the classroom.

Look! It’s a Solar Eclipse!

One of those rare moments when the moon blocks our view of the sun. We’re going to capture the moment this week with some chalk pastel pictures.

Image result for neil armstrong on the moon with flag

What was it like to walk on the moon? How did you feel stepping down from the landing module? Was it difficult to drive a moon buggy?

What question would you ask Neil Armstrong – the first person to have travelled to the moon? We’ll be hot seating Neil Armstrong this week and finding out!


Our Sounds of the Week…

This week we will be learning about the phase 3 sounds (ee) and (ai) and use them to read, make and write different words and sentences that use those sounds (e.g. feet, rain, etc…).

Image result for abc joined  Image result for jolly phonics

To support your child at home, you can click on the ‘ABC Joined’ and ‘Jolly Songs’ app above. Both are strategies we use to help the children learn how to read and write their sounds.

[NB, you have to pay a small fee for the ‘ABC Joined’ app but it is fantastic value and well worth it]



In Maths this week…

Related image

In maths we use our theme as a starting point for solving different problems that draw on different mathematical skills. Some of this week’s activities are listed below:

Baby Bear has brought back some strange looking moon rocks from the moon – can you use you knowledge of naming 3D shapes to identify any?

Image result for phases of the moon

 Can you put the different moon phases in the correct order? Use your knowledge of ordering numbers to 20 to help!

Useful Websites

An amazing handwriting app for iPad, iPod or iPhone users – it costs £1.99 but it is worth every penny!

This app is full of games and activities for helping the children practise their reading and spelling.

Practise your literacy skills by exploring each of the games and activities on this website.

A fantastic app on the iPad, iPod and iPhone that lets your child independently practise key maths skills.

Practise your maths skills by exploring the games and activities on this website.

The children love this website, especially all of those catchy tunes – enjoy!

Tristan Walters - Class One

Tristan Walters – Class One